Jay Cutler swears at Chicago Bears fans

Ah, Jay Cutler. What would we do without you?

On Sunday, the Chicago Bears were getting their asses handed to them by the Carolina Panthers at the half, largely because Cutler threw for 40 yards and a pick while getting sacked six times. Of course, the shitbag Chicago fans booed the hell out of their overrated team as they entered the locker room.

Here’s where Bears fans reading this flip out — “Overrated? We’re 6-1! Best record in the division! The Green Bay Packers suck!”

I love how their arguments are always based on the Green Bay Packers sucking. And then, there are always the bottom-of-the-barrel Bears fans who will through this one in for good measure — “Fudgepacker!”

Yeah! Now we’re talking!

Fudgepacker! Wooo! I got you good, you fucker!

Anyway, yeah, the Bears are overrated. Six sacks in the first half, huh? Truly the mark of a championship contender! And who did you lose to?

Oh yeah, you handled by those so-called fudgepackers. Good work!

So for once, we’re going to side with Jay Cutler, said “Fucking (Bears) fans, I swear to god.”

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