final play of Packers/Seahawks

The Green Bay Packers got completely screwed in Seattle by the replacement officials and the NFL Monday night. There’s only one way this debacle is going to get fixed and real referees are going to get back on the field. Vote with your wallet.

Stop buying their gear. Stop watching their games. Stop going to their games.

The only way these assholes in their owners’ booths and the NFL offices are going to get the message is if ratings and revenue decrease. Until then, they can still play this game of “everyone makes mistakes,” “they’re doing the best they can,” “the game is as popular as ever,” “this is not hurting the product on the field…”

The product on the field is shit. The game has zero integrity (and neither does anyone in Seattle who’s pretending they actually won this game, but that’s another story).

Stop giving the NFL your money or they have no reason to give a shit.

If they don’t see your dollars, they’ll take notice and fix the problem.