Russell Wilson

The Green Bay Packers travel to face the Seattle Seahawks Monday night. The game was supposed to feature the drama of former Packers understudy Matt Flynn leading his new team as the starting quarterback against his old one, which turned him into the player he is today.

The NFL had to be salivating over the built-in drama this storyline was ready to add to the game. Flynn holds Packers records for passing yards (480) and touchdowns (6) in a game, set last season in week 17 against Detroit. On the big stage of Monday Night Football, Flynn would lead his new team in a shootout with the high-powered Packers.

Well, damn Russell Wilson for screwing up the NFL’s plans.

Wilson, the former Wisconsin Badgers quarterback, came in as a third-round draft pick and beat out Flynn and his hefty free agent contract for the starting job.

While there are still some interesting stories about Wilson — he’s a rookie and he played one season in the state of Wisconsin — it’s nothing like Flynn vs. the Packers. Now, the biggest story is how obviously terrible the Badgers are at quarterback without Wilson. Danny O’Brien, you are no Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks seem have a different approach with Wilson, too.

Flynn was expected to chuck the ball around. With Wilson, the Seahawks rely heavily on the running game and their defense to win.

Although he’s been a pretty cool customer through two NFL starts, it’s clear Wilson is no chucker. He has 304 yards, two touchdowns and a pick on the season. That’s ball-control offense.

So, unfortunately, they’ll have to manufacture some other sort of drama for this one.