Smokin' Jay Cutler

The cat’s out of the bag, I think. Smokin’ Jay Cutler is a Tumblr site that pays tribute to the douchiest man in the NFL — Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and his ho-hum, disinterested nature.

It does this by putting a cigarette in Cutler’s mouth, which makes us laugh because it fits nicely with the Cutler Face. So, why is the cat out of the bag?

Well, I first read about this on The Score this morning, then I saw it on some other blog that I read (but for whatever reason can’t remember), then my friend Doug texted me about it — and he’s a Bears fan, then five minutes ago I got an email from Tommy Gimler and if he’s seen it, then you know everyone has seen it.

So now you’ve seen it too. Here’s some of what Smokin’ Jay Cutler has to offer.