Roger Goodell Fail

Roger Goodell is sorry everyone. He’s sorry he subjected you to a shite brand of NFL football while the greedy-ass owners put their bottom lines ahead of any sort of intergrity.

He’s not sorry that shite brand of NFL football and the replacement officials that came with it cost the Green Bay Packers a win though.

“We’re sorry to have to put our fans through that,” Goodell told the national media in a conference call Thursday, speaking about the new deal with the real referee’s union.

When it came time to address the Packers, uh… controversial loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Goodell put on his best Alfred E. Neuman face and took the path of, well, mistakes happen in sports.

Ah, yes. Mistakes do happen in sports, but egregious ones like the one perpetrated by an officiating crew that had no business being on the field on a national stage that the overseeing league doesn’t overturn or even fully acknowledge?

Oh, I forgot. The scab referees made the right call at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game on Monday.

My bad. You’re right. I’m sorry.