Cedric Benson

The Green Bay Packers running game was non-existent during their season-opening loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Aaron Rodgers led the team with 27 yards on five carries. Starting running back Cedric Benson had 18 yards on nine carries, which is an unacceptable two yards per carry.

That’s not even the bad part, though. The Packers passed 47 times (including three sacks). They ran 14 times. If you take out Rodgers’ five runs, which were actually passing plays he had to scramble on, the Packers only ran nine times.

That’s nine designed runs in 61 total plays.

What buffoon put that game plan together?

I know the Packers are a passing team, but they’re not going to be a good passing team if their opponents can just sit back and expect pass on virtually every play.

Further, Benson isn’t going to get any rhythm going with only nine carries. Hell, Alex Green, who’s probably one of the fastest guys on the field, didn’t even touch the ball on Sunday. How do you not try to get Green some space to run with the ball?


Here’s what the other pass-happy NFL teams did on Sunday.

The New England Patriots handed the ball to their backs 32 times on Sunday. Stevan Ridley carried 21 times for 125 yards and a touchdown. They won 34-13.

The New Orleans Saints gave the ball to their running backs only 10 times. No one had more than 17 yards. They lost 40-32.

The Detroit Lions handed the ball off 18 times. Kevin Smith had 13 for 62 and a touchdown. They won 27-23.