Ted Thompson

This is the time of year where we tell you the Green Bay Packers are one of the youngest teams in the league.

The Packers are the sixth-youngest team this season, which should surprise absolutely no one. The Packers have led the league in youngness three times under Ted Thompson‘s God-like hand.

This year, the Packers’ average age comes in at 25.7.

As you know by now, this means absolutely nothing except the Packers are pretty quick to part with guys they consider past their prime. They did it this past offseason with Ryan Grant and Charlie Peprah.

While Grant was essentially replaced by Cedric Benson, who’s the same age (29), Peprah’s position is probably going to be taken by rookie Jerron McMillian.

What’s interesting is the Packers keep winning with a young roster. If you look at the teams who are currently younger than the Packers, with the exception of Philadelphia you could easily say those teams are rebuilding.

They are St. Louis, Cleveland, Miami and Minnesota.

If those teams cobble together 10 wins between them this season, we’ll be surprised.

So what’s the secret? Better scouting? Better decision making? Better coaching?

Probably all of the above.