Packers flag

Dusty Lawson of Minot, North Dakota is the winner of the Green Bay Packers flag.

Who wants a Green Bay Packers flag? You do, that’s who!

Well, we’ve got one, courtesy of, and we’re giving it away.

All you have to do is like us on Facebook and then post your page name in the comments so we can message you if you win. We don’t need the full URL, just the last part. For example: /montgomerymcmahon. That simple.

So, what if you’ve already liked us on Facebook? Well, just post your page name in the comments. You’re not going to be penalized for doing what everyone should have done already. In fact, you should be lauded for being on top of your game, but we’ll do that later.

We’ll choose the winner of the flag at random prior to week two of the NFL season.

What does this damn flag look like, you’re probably wondering. There are, in fact, some options.

There’s the 3’x5′ Packers flag with the helmet on it. It says, “I am a Green Bay Packers fan and you can go straight to hell if you don’t like it!”

There’s also the 28″x40″ Packers flag. This one’s vertical and has the logo on it. It says, “I am a sophisticate with many tapestries, but my prize tapestry is the Green Bay Packers one hanging in the study.”

To review — like us on Facebook, tell us how to find you on Facebook in the comments of this page, high five someone and (potentially) win!

Also, tell your friends, but only if they have the good sense to like the Packers.