Lance Easley

Lance Easley, the moron replacement ref who cost the Green Bay Packers a win over the Seattle Seahawks last Monday, is ready to talk — for a fee.

Time’s Sean Gregory reports he tried to contact Easley for a story and Easley declined his request at the advice of his media advisor.

“Steve Finley, ‘media adviser’ to Lance Easley, ref who called Seattle TD, says he’s advising Easley seek $$ for interviews. errr… “

Who knew you could profit off ineptitude?

As infuriating as this is, you can bet someone will probably pay Easley, who already told TMZ he made the right call. Hell, TMZ probably already paid him to say that. If you had any illusion about their journalist integrity, we can confirm, their business model is based on stalking celebrities, paying for interviews and paying people to snitch on celebrities. There are plenty of outfits that operate similarly.

What’s ironic is, the guy who owns the referee school Easley attended earlier this year seemed to go out of his way to point out what a good Christian Easley is before tearing down his officiating skills.

Profiting off someone else’s misery seems pretty Christian to me.

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