The Green Bay Packers are letting current season ticket holders change their seats. They can relocate to the new 600 and 700-level seats when the addition to Lambeau Field is complete.

Why would someone want to do this? Because these bad boys are actually chairs. They have backs, like pretty much every other seat in stadiums around the NFL.

The rest of the fans? They get to sit on the bleachers throughout the rest of the stadium like they’re at a high school football game. They get sore ass and back pain, which sucks.

Of course, relocating to the chairs isn’t a no brainer. It’s going to be cold up there. Your balls will probably freeze to the side of your leg, especially if you don’t shake well. And remember, when you get drunk, those 700-level seats are a long tumble. No rolling down the steps like in the rest of the bowl. You’re going to crack your skull on the section below when you take a drunken fall from the 700.

What would be nice is if the Packers would put chairs in the entire bowl. I mean, Candlestick Park even has chairs and that has to be the worst venue in all of sports.

(Image via KSK)