Zygi Wilf

Forget for a moment that he looks like Groucho Marx.

Actually, keep that in mind because it will only make you laugh harder when you hear what Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf had to say. Also, keep in mind that his pathetic team was 3-13 last season.

Zygi says the Vikings will be competing for the division crown this season!

“I expect to be division champs,” Wilf said Tuesday as the Vikings went through an afternoon practice. “I want to be able to fight for the division, as we always did every year, and get better for years to come. That’s always been our goal and it’s been the goal since the first day I came here.”

Seems plausible… if the Vikings played in Conference USA.

Groucho didn’t stop there, though.

“I’m expecting a winning season. Like I said, I’m expecting to challenge for the division. So, eveyrone starts out 0-0, even score and I’m looking forward to the upcoming season.”

So are we Zyg. So are we.