Jerel Worthy

The Green Bay Packers haven’t exactly looked like Super Bowl contenders through the first two preseason games. So what’s the problem? A number of things, it turns out.

5. Injuries
Close to 20 guys have have had to sit out each of the first two preseason games. Among those are Greg Jennings, John Kuhn, Marshall Newhouse, Derek Sherrod, Davon House and Desmond Bishop, who’s probably gone for the season. It’s hard to put it together with that many guys standing around.

4. Tackling
The coaches harped on it all last year. “We’ve got to tackle better!” Well, the Packers still can’t tackle. D.J. Smith and a few of the defensive backs look like the only guys that can play the run.

3. Depth
Where is it? In years past, the Packers second team would come onto the field in preseason and look almost as good as the starters. This year, the second team looks like a bunch of bumbling fools. It’s a clown school. They may as well be wearing floppy shoes and riding tiny tricycles. The second-string offensive line is atrocious. Graham Harrell can’t move the ball. The defense looks lost most of the time.

2. The defensive line
With all the talk of the new talent the Packers brought onboard, whether by signing guys off the street — Anthony Hargrove, Daniel Muir and Phillip Merling — or through the draft — Jerel Worthy and Mike Daniels — the Packers still don’t have any pass rush up front. C.J. Wilson is starting at defensive end, which tells you one thing — these other guys aren’t doing jack shit.

1. Rookies
The Packers are relying on them, heavily. They haven’t contributed yet and it may be a while before they do. We’re sure the offense will be fine, but the Packers will need someone from the group of Nick Perry, Worthy and Daniels to step up to improve the pass rush. In the secondary, they’re counting on Casey Hayward and Jerron McMillian to make an impact at some point. Of the whole group, Hayward is the only one who looks like a contributor right now.