Kym Johnson and Peta Murgatroyd

So the NFL has rolled out an ad campaign geared at selling their gear to women and they’ve brought a bunch of celebrities onboard to do so. So who is the Green Bay Packers celebrity female fan?

It’s Dancing With the StarsPeta Murgatroyd, of course. Those of you who watched Donald Driver on the show (and we know there are many of you) know that she was his partner this past season.

In the campaign, she’s pictured with Kym Johnson, who is the Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Johnson is also on Dancing and, since we know nothing about that show, we’re going to guess she was Hines Ward‘s partner when he won it.

This is all well and good, but since we’re the ones who put together the original list of celebrity Green Bay Packers fans, we can tell you we would have preferred someone like, say, Frankie Rayder, Joan Jett or maybe, you know, Ashlynn Brooke.

But hey, it’s better than being a Cleveland Browns fan. They got Condoleeza Rice.