We’ve talked about plenty of guys making plays for the Green Bay Packers during training camp. First-round pick Nick Perry is not one of them.

Perry, who’s pretty much been handed a starting outside linebacker job, seems to be catching on slowly. Certainly, part of the reason is he played defensive end in college. He knows how to run after the quarterback, but not much else.

Is it time to panic?

You’re damn right, it is!

Perry is a bust! He’ll never get it! The Packers wasted a draft pick!

We know that you know the drill.

Actually, maybe it’s a little early. Here’s what defensive coordinator Dom Capers had to say.

“There is really no way a guy can go out and play at a speed a guy has to play unless you are confident in your assignments,” defensive coordinator Dom Capers said. “These young guys, they just need to continue to challenge themselves mentally and then when they get repetitions on the field, they have to prove what they’re capable of doing. They’re all trying to establish what their identity is going to be right now.”

Perry, meanwhile, has his own excuses.

“Coming from playing defensive end in college to linebacker,” Perry said, “the biggest thing I’ve been dealing with is seeing the bigger picture. Seeing formation changes, changing my strengths, changing my play in the game. I have to see more and stay ahead and stay on top. I’m just learning. I think I’m comfortable at the position. There’s still room for improvement. We’re getting better as the days progress.”

In other words, “Cliche, cliche, cliche, cliche, cliche.” At least Clay Matthews has taught him something.

We’re sure it will take Perry some time to get accustomed to the NFL game and a position change. He may not even fully know what he’s doing when the season starts, but he’ll probably get it eventually.

Or maybe he’ll just turn into Jamal Reynolds. There’s always that possibility.