Ryan Grant

Running back Ryan Grant is still waiting to sign with a team and the free agent appears content to wait some more.

Even though Grant has received two contract offers this offseason, he’s turned both of them down. His agent, Alan Herman, says the deals haven’t been right.

“I’d rather not get into it. He’s made a few trips, and rather than alienate anybody or publicly talk about it … I’m going to leave that alone,” he said. “Economically, the deals haven’t been right.”

Like most veteran running backs, there’s been little interest in the 29-year-old Grant’s services this offseason. That includes the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers have already given Grant’s locker away and the running back knows his former team is out of the picture.

“How do I explain the Packers’ situation? I’m dumbfounded by that one,” Herman said. “We’re not really thinking about Green Bay at this point.”

Grant’s strategy now appears to be to wait until another back gets injured in training camp. Although that’s somewhat risky since he’ll have less time to learn a new playbook, it could pay off in dollars if a team finds itself in a bind at running back.

There are plenty of teams with questionable running games right now, but Grant clearly isn’t ready to start begging for a job. Unfortunately, no one’s begging for his services either.