Earl Bennett

You’re gonna love this one.

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is better than Green Bay Packers quarterback, NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion Aaron Rodgers. How do we know this?

Well, Bears receiver Earl Bennett, who’s also a former Vanderbilt teammate of Cutler’s, said so. And as you know, Earl Bennett, who had the overwhelming total of 381 receiving yards last season, is the ultimate authority on quarterback play.

“We have the top running back arguably in the league, top quarterback, the receiving corp is deep,” Bennett told Adam Schein and Rich Gannon on SiriusXM NFL radio Monday.

Schein asked Bennett if his comment meant he thought Cutler was better than Rodgers.

“Of course,” he replied.


Let’s be honest. Nothing Bennett’s stupid mouth uttered in that first sentence is correct.

Best running back? Try Arian FosterAdrian Peterson or maybe even Ray Rice. Best quarterback? Look north. Deep receiving corp? Let’s see, you’ve got Brandon Marshall and a bunch of fourth-stringers. That’s about as deep as the Wolf River is right now.

We think what Bennett meant to say was something like this.