Erik Walden

The unyielding hand of justice has claimed another victim on the Green Bay Packers. Although we use the term justice very loosely, the victim is linebacker Erik Walden.

Walden got handed a one-game suspension by the kangaroo court… er, NFL. For what, you ask? For what, we ask.

Walden was involved in a domestic incident with his girlfriend last November. He was arrested Thanksgiving weekend and thrown in jail for three days under suspicion of substantial battery. Walden was released, no felony charges were filed and his girlfriend recanted her earlier story that he was physical with her.

Walden’s play also went down the shitter around the same time.

Was that jail stint and public embarrassment enough for the NFL? Hell no!

We got a copy of the letter the league sent to Walden and totally did not bother to read it, but had we read it, we’re pretty sure it would have said something like this.

“Even though there’s no proof you did anything wrong, we’re suspending you anyway because we’re the fucking NFL and can do whatever the hell we want. Next time, date a smarter bitch or take that trollop with you on vacation so she doesn’t start an argument and call the cops.”

Walden will miss the Packers week one game with the 49ers. He joins Mike Neal, who was suspended four games for taking Adderall, and Anthony Hargrove, who was suspended eight games for something to do with bounties.