Brett Favre

Although the Green Bay Packers haven’t openly made any overtures to former quarterback Brett Favre, the Packers Hall of Fame has.

Former Packers president Bob Harlan told Jason Wilde the Hall reached out to Favre with the hope he’d return to Green Bay for coach Mike Holmgren‘s induction ceremony this summer. Favre declined.

“We had a meeting about two months ago and talked about who should be invited back – Jon Gruden, Andy Reid, people like that,” Harlan said, referring to two Holmgren assistants who went on to be successful head coaches themselves. “And, we talked about players. And I said to the group, ‘What about No. 4? This would be the perfect time for him to come back, come into Green Bay.’

“The crowd at the Hall of Fame banquet is an adoring crowd, they’re as loyal to the Green Bay Packers as anybody.’ And unfortunately, I don’t think he’s going to do it. We did approach his agent, and I don’t think Brett’s going to do it. I feel badly about that.”

Obviously, the Hall of Fame, which is run independently of the Packers, is trying to jump start the healing process between Favre and the organization.

Unfortunately, it’s probably a little early for that. We’re not surprised Favre declined the invitation.

Although he’s seemingly making an effort to mend fences with the Packers, those aren’t fences that can be repaired overnight with the organization or with fans.