Aaron Berry

Is there a dumber collection of grown men than the one put together by the Detroit Lions?

We think not. The Lions chalked up their seventh arrest of the offseason over the weekend and, here’s a real surprise, the guy who got arrested was already arrested earlier this offseason. The genius in question is cornerback Aaron Berry, who has more tattoos than he has brain cells.

Here’s the kicker. Berry was arrested in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in pretty much the same place as he was popped for DUI earlier this year. This time, Berry was sure to take it to the next level by pointing a gun at a bystander.

Cpl. Kyle Gautsch of the Harrisburg Police Department says Berry was taken into custody early Saturday morning on three charges of simple assault. Gautsch says there “was a weapon allegedly brandished during the incident.”

From what we’ve heard, there were a group of guys leaving a club and they passed behind the car Berry was in. Some words were exchanged, Berry rolled down the window and pointed what appeared to be a laser at the guys, but was really a handgun with a laser site on it. One of the guys recognized this and went and told the police.

If this isn’t some kind of record for arrests in a single offseason, it has to be close. We’ll take a look at the Minnesota Vikings stats and get back to you, since they still lead the league in douchebaggery.