Brett Favre broadcasting debut

Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre just can’t stay away from football.

Favre will return to the game this fall as a coach at Oak Grove High School in his hometown of Hattiesburg, Miss. Although his role hasn’t been fully defined, reports say Favre is likely to be the team’s offensive coordinator.

Oak Grove head coach Nevil Barr told the AP he has talked about a possible role for Favre on the coaching staff, though a job title hasn’t been defined. Favre has helped at Oak Grove in an unofficial capacity in previous years.

Favre played collegiately at Sourthern Miss, which is also in Hattiesburg and grew up in nearby Kiln. He hasn’t done much since retiring from the NFL, although he did have a one-game stint as a color commentator for Southern Miss football.

This latest gig just may be the one that sticks, though. Favre gets to be around football, he can keep a low profile and still be worshiped like a hero, which are all things we know he enjoys.

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