Like most of us who feel like last season was a complete and total waste, Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy is still pissed off his team lost to the obviously inferior New York Giants.

Any given Sunday, right Mike? Not really.

McCarthy firmly believes the Packers beat themselves. Their bumbling four turnovers and inability to tackle anyone would seem to support that theory.

“I felt in ’07, we were beaten in the overtime game, they made one more big play than we did,” McCarthy said, referencing that season’s Packers-Giants NFC title game. “And for them to go on the road, I don’t want this to come out the wrong way, because that win is special, that’s a great win for their football team. The margin of victory they won with, too, is definitely to their credit. But I feel like we beat ourselves in this playoff game. Or better yet, we didn’t give ourselves a chance to win the game.

“The ’07 game was a heck of a football game and they made one more play than we did. We didn’t give ourselves a chance to win this one. You’d rather someone beat you.”

Certainly, you’d probably also rather that someone wasn’t a team led by a doofus like Eli Manning.