Matt Flynn

When former Green Bay Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn signed with the Seattle Seahawks everyone figured he’d be the team’s starting quarterback, even when coach Pete Carroll said it was an open competition.

Word out of Seattle is Flynn hasn’t impressed and incumbent Tarvaris Jackson will enter training camp as the starter. Yeah, that Tarvaris Jackson — the same shitbag the shitbag Minnesota Vikings gave up on. The otherworldly talent that is Tarvaris Jackson threw for a whopping 3,091 yards, 14 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in 2011.

Meahwhile, Flynn threw for a Packers single-game team record 480 yards and six touchdowns in one game last season.

So what’s the problem?

“(Flynn) hasn’t wowed anybody in all the offseason program. And because of that, when they start training camp, Tarvaris Jackson will be taking the first snap,” ESPN’s John Clayton said. “… It’s still gonna be a three-way competition. Because of that, Flynn’s going to have to pick things up and wow everybody or at least take control of it during camp. He’s not done it yet.”

It’s still early and Flynn still has plenty of time to take the job from the joke that is Tarvaris Jackson, but this definitely raises some questions.

Is Flynn a system quarterback? If he can’t duplicate the success he had under Mike McCarthy, you have to wonder how much of a roll the Packers coaching staff and system played in his success.

You also have to wonder if the Miami Dolphins, who are coached by former Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, didn’t know something. When the Dolphins hired Philbin, it seemed like a slam dunk Flynn would sign with Miami, but the Dolphins weren’t nearly as aggressive as the Seahawks.

It kind of makes you wonder.