So this is what qualifies as news in the offseason, I guess.

Paul Imig, who’s trying damn hard to justify his paycheck, brings us this gem — Green Bay Packers rookie safety Jerron McMillian hasn’t cut his hair in seven years.

Seven years, people!




“It’s been seven years and counting,” McMillian said of the last time he’s had his hair cut or trimmed. “I don’t know if it’s the longest in the NFL, but it’s past the middle of my lower back.”

So, if McMillian ever gets on the field he’ll be the dude with the dreads obscuring the name and number on the back of his jersey.

This brings up another important point, though. The Packers clearly favor defensive backs with long dreadlocks.

The list is long — Al Harris, Tramon Williams, Morgan Burnett, Atari Bigby, McMillian.

What else does it tell us? Well, it’s probably a good sign that McMillian is lazy and lacks hygiene, since he has no plans to cut his hair anytime soon. Hopefully, that doesn’t translate to the football field.