Jermichael Finley

We all know Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley is going to say something dumb sooner or later. Whether this is one of those times can be debated, but it certainly is interesting.

Finley blamed, in part, his team-high 11 drops last season on a lack of chemistry with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

After initially saying his own focus was the problem, Finley had this answer when asked if his contract situation played a role.

“Not at all. It was just my play. I’m not blaming it on my offseason, but me and the QB didn’t have chemistry. The routes were off sometimes, and that’ll mess with your head when the ball comes. The contract didn’t bother me at all. Not one bit. Not one bit.”

He later said he felt like a robot last season. When asked why, he brought up chemistry again.

“I would say no offseason program. I couldn’t get the chemistry with the QB. And not (that I was) thinking about the injury, but every time somebody got around my legs, I was like, ‘Watch out.’ I was thinking about that next injury. I can say it was because of the injury (in 2010), for sure.”

Finley cited the lack of an offseason program as the reason he lacked chemistry with Rodgers, but Greg Jennings made the Pro Bowl and Jordy Nelson was among the NFL leaders in receiving yardage. Neither of them had an offseason program either.

So is Finley out of line? Who knows.

He’d probably be wise to choose his words a little more carefully though.