Charlie Peprah

Although pretty much everyone else is looking for his replacement in the Green Bay Packers starting lineup, safety Charlie Peprah has some other ideas about where he’ll be in 2012.

It isn’t on the bench.

“My goal personally is to go out there and try to have a Pro Bowl season,” Peprah said. “Just be a leader on the defense, leader on the team and lead by example and help turn this defense around. We went from a top 5 defense to the last in the league. So I’m looking to help turn it around.”

Peprah made the comment while on the Packers Tailgate Tour during a stop in Sturgeon Bay.

That’s a lofty goal for a guy most consider the weak link of the Packers secondary. Although he had plenty of help stinking things up in the defensive backfield in 2011, Peprah certainly did his share. He missed 12 tackles and gave up eight plays of 20-plus yards.

Peprah will have competition for the position once held down by Nick Collins, this season. The Packers drafted Jerron McMillian in the fourth round and have youngsters M.D. Jennings and Anthony Levine looking to take the next step. There’s also the possibility the Packers could move cornerback Charles Woodson to safety.

It seems like Peprah better worry about keeping his job before he worries about the Pro Bowl.