It was pretty much a two-horse race prior to this, with apologies to butterball Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and his girlfriend Kelly Hall. The race for hottest girlfriend in the NFC North was between Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgerswoman Destiny Newton and Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler‘s broad Kristin Cavallari.

The third entrant into the race is Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, who’s dating former Playboy Playmate of the Year Jenny McCarthy. Is she as hot as she used to be? At 39, the answer is no, but she’s not bad.

And let’s be honest, she’s a pretty nice catch for a meathead like Urlacher.

The linebacker obviously has something for used up blonds. He previously dated Paris Hilton, which tells us something else. He obviously has something for chicks we’ve all seen naked, as well.

That reminds me of a story.

McCarthy is from Chicago. Both of her sisters, who are younger, were really good basketball players and both played collegiately for Illinois-Chicago, which is in the same league as UWGB. They were hot, so of course we went to see them play against GB in the league tournament one year.

Green Bay featured Cheri Nordgaard at the time, who was also pretty damn hot. The game was a total anomaly because there were three hot chicks playing basketball at one time, two of which looked a lot like Jenny McCarthy. Anyway, we were drunk and did our share of heckling, but the best part was the dude on the other side of the court with the sign that read, “I’ve seen your sister naked.”

Keep that in mind for this season’s Packers/Bears games. And now on to the judging of the broad.

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