It appears Green Bay Packers receiver Donald Driver is meeting himself some celebrities on Dancing With The Stars. He tweeted some photos of himself posing for pictures with various celebrities on Thursday.

We didn’t know who a couple of them were, probably because they reside somewhere on the D List, but we definitely recognized Kiss in full costume and makeup. Is there anywhere these guys won’t go to sell themselves? The answer is no. They were on the goddam country music awards a couple weeks ago and I don’t remember them singing one song that’s remotely country.

Driver also posed with Florence Henderson (at least we think that’s her). You’d probably know her better as Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch.

Anyway, favorite Kiss song? I’d go with “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” or “Lick It Up,” although “Love Gun” is a perfectly acceptable answer as well.

If you’re unaware, here’s the obligatory thread of Kiss videos.