Tim Tebow

Just after we talked about the Green Bay Packers interest in Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, there was a story that said he had been traded to the New York Jets.

The Jets reportedly gave up a fourth and sixth-round pick, which seems like a price too steep for the Packers, even though they were apparently in the derby. So, done deal, right?

Not really.

The Jets are’t too happy about some of the ramifications of Jesus Boy’s contract.

In Tebow’s contract is a $6.2 million salary advance, of which $1.2 million already has been paid by Denver, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The difference of $5 million is still advanced against his future salary, and that burden would shift to the Jets in a trade. The Jets, sources said, believe the Broncos should owe Tebow that money.

And so we have ourselves a stalemate. Booyah!

The Jets are trying to work things out with the Broncos, but the Jacksonville Jaguars have also jumped back in. We’re not really sure what the Jets want with Tebow, since they already have Mark Sanchez, a locker room that’s divided and a shitbag as a head coach that really has no grasp over his own team or ego. Seems like a great match!

Regardless, it seems the Packers are out of the running. It’s unlikely they’re willing to get caught up in the drama or willing to surrender two picks, much less at fourth-round pick for a quarterback who’s, at best, a project.

So, all you Tebowmaniacs can more or less move on.