Matt Flynn

People have been speculating about it for weeks. In the end, the Green Bay Packers did what they always do this time of year — sit on their hands.

The Packers decided not to place the franchise tag on quarterback Matt Flynn, meaning the team will let him walk in free agency and the only compensation they’ll get is a compensatory pick in next year’s draft. It’s likely to be a third-round pick.

Had the Packers placed the tag on Flynn, they would have done so in order to trade him. A deal was likely to net them a second-round pick this year and possibly a player. In the end, the risk of getting stuck with Flynn and a $14.4 million one-year contract was obviously a risk the organization wasn’t ready to take.

So, we’ll wish Flynn well in Miami, Seattle or wherever he ends up and dream about the second-round pick that could have been.