Mike Neal

Not surprisingly, Green Bay Packers defensive end Mike Neal‘s four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy was upheld on appeal.

Perhaps somewhat surprising is the fact Neal claims he was suspended because of a technicality. Justin Harrell… I mean, Neal claims his suspension was the result of not reporting the use of a prescribed medication to the team. Apparently, all such information has to be turned in to team officials. Neal adamantly denies using any performance-enhancing drug.

Neal said he was given a prescription medication that was approved by his physician. That wouldn’t normally be an issue, but Neal didn’t realize that the medical information had to all be turned in to the Packers. Neal added emphatically that he did nothing wrong except for his failure to provide details of the prescription to the team.

Smooth move, bro.

Whether or not Neal used anything is really a moot point. The guy can’t stay on the field anyway and when he’s healthy, he’s been totally ineffective. Anything the Packers get from him now is just found money.

Neal has six tackles and one sack in nine professional games over two seasons.