Matt Flynn

We’re pretty sure this is going to end badly for the Miami Dolphins.

They’ve emerged as the preferred destination for Green Bay Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn, but they’re ham fisting the situation like Jerry Angelo or Matt Millen was running the organization.

Flynn is still visiting the Seattle Seahawks today, but reportedly won’t sign with anyone before visiting the Dolphins and his former offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. Obviously, Flynn, like the rest of us, thinks his best chance of success is with the guy who coached him the past four seasons.

He’s headed to Miami after he leaves Seattle and we’d suggest Flynn would be a Dolphin by the time the weekend was over, but — get this — the team is reportedly low balling him.

Matt Flynn still wants to sign with the Dolphins, but the team is low-balling the offer, thinking he’ll take it just to play for Philbin.

Brilliant strategy. Let’s go over this real quick.

You’ve got a team, in Seattle, that needs a quarterback and is desperate to make a splash in free agency. Your team has been rebuffed by Peyton Manning. You’re not going to get a starting quarterback in the draft unless you reach for one. Your starter from last season signed with another team. The free agent market for quarterbacks, after Flynn, is dry.

So the guy you want wants to play for you and you’re pretty much out of options after that. Better low ball him.

The Dolphins are going to end up with David Garrard at this point and they deserve him.