The Green Bay Packers latest stock sale ended Wednesday night and the team has revealed they sold 268,000 shares, raising a total of $67 million.

The money will be used to partially fund a 6,700-seat expansion to Lambeau Field. The organization released some sugar-coated statement about all the money their fans threw at the team’s worthless stock, which cost $275 a pop after the service charge, but that’s not important. What is important are the numbers.

There are now more than 360,000 Packers shareholders. For the first time — because you Americans didn’t give the team enough money — there are Canadian shareholders. More than 2,000 shares are owned by the Canuckers.

The top stock purchasers by state are as follows: Wisconsin (50 percent), Illinois (8.5 percent), California (8.5 percent), Minnesota (5 percent) and Texas (5 percent).

Most of the stock was sold in the first 48 hours it was available for purchase.