Sean Payton

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention this. The hammer was brought down on the New Orleans Saints for their bounty system.

The Fucking Hammer! Also known as commissioner Roger Goodell.

The NFL wanted to make it clear such things are not in vogue. And they did well. Here are the details.

  • Saints coach Sean Payton is suspended for one year
  • former Saints and current St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is suspended indefinitely
  • Saints general manager Mickey Loomis suspended for eight games
  • Saints lose two second-round draft picks (this year and 2013)

Uh… holy shit!

That’s our first reaction. Hey, these asshats shouldn’t have done what they did, even though we were all for them targeting Brett Favre when he played for the Minnesota Vikings. The Rog did what he wanted to do — sent a message. And here’s what that message said: DO NOT EVEN THINK YOU CAN TRIFLE WITH THE ROG!!

The Saints learned a hard lesson and frankly, we don’t feel a shred of pain for them. The Saints can suck our balls.

Obviously, no one will ever do this sort of thing again.