They’re pretty proud of their boy Aaron Rodgers in Chico, California. In fact, they’re so proud of the Green Bay Packers quarterback and native son they erected a sort-of monument to him on the outskirts of town. Right under the Welcome to Chico sign on Highway 99, there was a sign saying “Home of Aaron Rodgers #12.”

Well, we just can’t have anything nice, can we?

It appears some local hoodlums stole the sign. At least, that’s our rather rational conclusion. Up in Chico, they don’t know what the hell happened.

“We don’t know what happened to it,” said Chico radio executive Dino Corbin, among those responsible for getting the sign placed over a year ago.

One theory is that it just fell off, but no one has bothered to check. Someone at First Impression Sign Co., which made the sign, said that scenario is very unlikely.

So that pretty much leaves theft or the possibility that it just disappeared into thin air. If the former, the thieves had to be pretty crafty. Rodgers’ sign was more than 20 feet off the ground, so whoever stole it would have needed a ladder or be a really good climber.

We’re not sure what kind of operation they’re running up there in Chico, but it shouldn’t be that hard to find a giant sign that says “Home of Aaron Rodgers” unless it’s in the actual home of Aaron Rodgers, which is probably the last place anyone would look.

If you’re reading this and have the sign, we’ll pay cash for it. Just send us an email.