Yes, we’re actually dredging the name Jenn Sterger up again. You’ll remember her as the former Florida State cowgirl and floozy who got the texts of Brett Favre‘s tiny dong.

Sterger became a household name by dragging things with Favre out publicly and then pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth. Her show on Versus, The Daily Line, got the ax and Sterger ended up suing her former manager Phil Reese after he posted photos of her on his website.

After doing a little research, we found out Sterger is actually still working somewhere. She does segments for a Fox show called The Daily and segments for Spike TV called “Spare Time,” where she bowls with some celebrity.

We had never heard of either of these things before today, but we’ve got some video to prove they actually exist. Oh, and the boobs are gone.

Does she still look good? We suppose.

She probably looked better before though. Judge for yourself. Also, you can check out Jenn’s totally righteous blog if you want to waste some time that you’ll never get back.