Davon House

Green Bay Packers cornerback Davon House didn’t get much playing time his rookie season. In fact, he played in only two games and registered only one tackle.

With a full offseason program, he could contribute in 2012, though. The Packers may need him to. Both Pat Lee and Jarrett Bush — two guys ahead of him on the depth chart — are free agents.

This all depends on House not doing something stupid and injuring himself in the offseason, of course. We put the chances of that at about 50/50 right now.

Yesterday, House was wheeling around on a moped with his nephew. His wife Leatricia tweeted the following message with the photo above.

Best uncle ever!! Scooter ride. TJ

First of all, no man drives a moped, but that’s another issue entirely. The important question here is, what the hell is a guy the Packers may need to rely on heavily next season doing on a moped, motorcycle or any other sort of motorized bike?

Did no one learn anything from that idiot Ben Roethlisberger?