So Sports Illustrated posted a little gallery called Female Fans of the NFL. We were keen to take a look, but quickly realized their taste in women and ours were drastically different.

It’s not that all the women they posted photos of are ugly, but a lot of them leave a little to be desired. So, we thought we’d do the service of critiquing some of their choices. You can view the full gallery here.

What these broads lack in breasts, they surely make up for in partying.

If we knew how to use Photoshop, we would have cropped the broad on the bottom out. 

What part of her muffin top do you think her belly button is hiding in?

Wrong stadium you dizzy bitches.

We’ve always liked Seattle.

Obviously, the rest of the team didn’t want her. Neither do we.

Real Housewives of Baltimore? 

Black holes.

Run these bitches through the car wash and dump them back on the corner where you found ’em!

Mmmm… open sores, burnt hair and inner arm tattoos!

Phoenix girls are cute, but not that bright. Nice Broncos eye black.

There are hot chicks in Buffalo? Oh, wait, this was shot in Miami.

Apparently, and appropriately, the only chick in the stadium.