We’re just going to assume you’re not a bunch of handsome devils like we are and that you’re either spending this infernal, contrived day known as Valentine’s Day alone, with a broad who weighs more than you or watching old Green Bay Packers highlights.

With the exception of the last option, none of these are any good. We’re giving you a fourth option — get out the bottle of Jergens and take a look at this broad.

Her name is Corrie Laurdel Baker and that’s really all we know about her. Her Model Mayhem profile is no more, but we know these photos were shot by photographer¬†Danny Dedeaux.

Before we get to the main event, two things. 1. If you know anything else about Baker, email us. We’d love to know more. 2. If you have photos of other hot chicks in Packers gear or are one yourself, email us. We’d love to see more.

Finally, sorry about the A.J. Hawk jersey. It certainly wasn’t our choice.

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