Green Bay Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn is likely to be in demand when he becomes a free agent. Unless something unforeseen happens and the Packers re-sign him, Flynn has likely seen his last game as a member of the Packers.

While there are a number of potential landing sports for Aaron Rodgers‘ backup — Miami, Washington, Cleveland — they’re already clamoring for Flynn in Seattle.

Since he gave presumptive league MVP Rodgers an afternoon off on New Year’s Day, and threw for 480 yards (a team record) and six touchdowns (another team record) in a meaningless season-finale victory over Detroit, Matt Flynn has become to the Pacific Northwest what Tim Tebow is to the world.

The sports talk shows on Seattle radio stations are in an all-Flynn, all-the-time mode.

The move makes some sense. The Seahawks are sitting around with Minnesota castoff Tarvaris Jackson as their starting quarterback.

Jackson threw for 3,091 yards with a whopping 14 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in his first season in Seattle. Even with that, if you recall his time in Minnesota, you know he pretty much sucks. So what would the Seahawks have to lose by throwing some money at Matt Flynn? Not a hell of a lot.

The other thing connecting Flynn to Seattle is their general manager, John Schneider, who was with the Packers when the team drafted Flynn in 2008. Certainly, he probably knows more about Flynn than most general managers around the league and also knows he needs a solution not named Tarvaris Jackson.

Also notable is both Washington and Cleveland are expected to consider drafting a quarterback, which could leave the market for Flynn relatively small.

The Packers may just see him leading an opposing playoff team in Seattle next season.