B.J. Raji

The New York Giants have been talking a big game all week.

Well, apparently B.J. Raji has heard enough, so the Green Bay Packers defensive lineman decided to give them some bulletin-board material of their own.

Raji more or less trashed the Giants offensive line and tight ends in an interview with Newsday.

“Not to say they’re soft,” Raji said via Barbara Barker of Newsday. “But it’s not the toughest group I’ve been against.”

The big man went on to compliment the Giants receivers before taking a shot at the tight ends Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum, who, let’s face it, aren’t really that impressive.

“I don’t think their tight ends are in a position to say too much. They’re not the best players at that position we’ve seen,” Raji said.

Whether Raji’s assessments are true or not is really a moot point. The real question is whether he should be giving the Giants any sort of additional motivation.

We’ll see if it matters on Sunday.