Matt Flynn

Forget the fact that Aaron Rodgers throws the best-looking ball in the NFL. Forget that he makes the back-shoulder throw look easy. Forget that fact that backup Matt Flynn, you know, might actually be good. Forget the fact that the Detroit Lions secondary isn’t terribly good.

None of that matters.

Flynn’s record-setting performance against the Lions on Sunday, where he threw for 480 yards and six touchdowns, has caused some people to suggest Rodgers is a system quarterback. Frankly, those people aren’t anyone whose opinion we respect, so we’re not real concerned about their idiotic assumptions. They aren’t actually going to influence anyone who knows anything about football.

Most of the blather is coming from message boards and of course, some no-talent idiot at Bleacher Report brought it up. At least one supposedly “real” journalist actually suggested the possibility, though.

Frankly, every quarterback plays in a system. Not all of them are successful. Surely, some systems probably work better than others, but the fact of the matter is the Packers have superior talent on offense when compared to most teams. Rodgers, because of the throws he can make, is one of those talents.

Saying Rodgers is a system quarterback is like saying Tom Brady is a system quarterback, which we don’t recall anyone saying. When Brady went down in 2008, Matt Cassell, who wasn’t even a starter at USC, came in and threw for 3,693 yards.

Does that make Brady any less of a quarterback? Does that make him a product of that system?

No. His record speaks for itself. He’s outstanding year in and year out. He carries his team when he needs to. He’s a three-time champion and two-time Super Bowl MVP. Enough said.

Rodgers doesn’t have that resume yet, but we’d be willing to bet he will soon.

What happened on Sunday was the result of four years of development. Flynn has worked with Rodgers and coach Mike McCarthy to make himself into a starting-caliber NFL quarterback. He’s smart, he works hard and he takes preparation seriously.

While Flynn’s performance may have been somewhat surprising, we don’t know anyone in the Packers organization or in the fan base that didn’t think he’d go out and lead the Packers to a win on Sunday. And it’s not because of the system.

It’s because Flynn is good and the Packers are that deep.

The Green Bay Packers backup quarterback thrashed the Lions on Sunday, just like their starter would have done. The system didn’t do anything.