Ah, the New York Post — perhaps the final bastion of true journalism!

The back page of today’s Post features New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning as Rambo. They call him Rambeau, apparently because the Giants beat the Green Bay Packers in Lambeau Field the last time the two teams met in the playoffs.

So, you know, if you combine Lambeau and Rambo and then throw in a picture of Eli Manning you get Rambeau! That should be totally obvious!

Oh, shit. Actually, it’s Rambeau II because Eli drew first blood last time, kinda like the first Rambo movie was actually called First Blood. Anyway, now he’s back for more!

Hahahahaha! Totally fucking brilliant! I mean, dust off the Pulitzer for awesomeness right now! Start engraving the name of the asshole who came up with this!

Game over!

(Via The Urinal Sentinel)