Jerry Angelo

The Chicago Bears will retain Lovie Smith as their coach next season, but two other idiots aren’t so lucky.

In a move that’s way overdue, the club finally axed the shittiest general manager in the NFL, Jerry Angelo. Although the Bears ultimately fell apart this season because Jay Cutler got hurt, the team has seemingly had the same weaknesses for years — offensive line and receiver.

This year, Angelo decided to address those weaknesses by signing Cowboys’ castoffs Roy Williams and Sam Hurd and drafting tackle Gabe Carimi. The former pair were unproductive and Hurd was arrested for selling large quantities of drugs. Before getting injured, Carimi looked like he had a future in the league, but the rest of the team’s line still sucked.

One potential ramification for the Green Bay Packers, other than the fact a complete idiot won’t be running the football operations of their biggest rival, is Packers director of football operations¬†Reggie McKenzie is expected to be a candidate to replace Angelo.

A little further down the chain, Mike Martz has resigned as the Bears offensive coordinator.

That’s right. He resigned, citing philosophical differences.

So The Beatles have broken up then, huh?

Martz’s offense never seemed to be a fit in Chicago, although he got great production out of running back Matt Forte. It could be argued he didn’t have the weapons, but it could also be argued he didn’t protect quarterback Jay Cutler or that he didn’t adapt his system to the parts he had to work with, like most good coaches do.

Either way, the comedy of errors continues in Chicago.