Donovan McNabb

A predictably great offseason acquisition.

It’s hard for me to write this, not because a once great pretty good quarterback is going to be released, but because I’m having a hard time keeping a straight face.

The Minnesota Vikings are going to release quarterback Donovan McNabb.

The quarterback, who, let’s be honest, is a washed-up POS and a shell of his former self reportedly requested his release. And now…


The Vikings benched McNabb in October in favor of rookie Christian Ponder. In six games, McNabb threw a whopping four touchdowns. He had two interceptions and passed for 1,026 yards. No, his numbers don’t look terrible, but his play was — just like it was in Washington last year.

These results were predictable.

Rumor has it, McNabb is looking to return home and sign with the Chicago Bears. Frankly, the Bears are probably better off with Caleb Hanie as a starter.

We’ll see how it plays out.

We’ll also have reaction from our pals at Purple Jesus Diaries when they pull their heads out of their asses.