Ahmad Bradshaw

The X factor?

Shawn: I started writing a lot longer and analytical breakdown of this week’s matchup with the Giants, but then I figured I was wasting my time, as in, more than usual.

The Giants are a true Jekyll & Hyde team. No one knows what the hell they are going to do on any given Sunday. They have a QB who is the aww shucks version of Tony Romo. They have a defense that can dominate when it gets to the QB or quit like it did on Monday.

They want this game, but they are hardly in a must-win situation. They only have five losses and still have two games left against Dallas that will decide their division. I’m sure everyone knows about them ending the Broncos’ streak in ’98 and then of course the Patriots 10 years later. The thing is, neither of those games will help the Giants even one iota.

Sure, it means they won’t be intimidated. Who cares? Neither were the last 17 teams the Packers beat.

The bottom line is that the Packers have won 17 in a row, and the Giants have been playing like crap. The Giants HAVE to have Ahmad Bradshaw or this is a walk. Fortunately for them, it sounds like they’ll have him. They won’t have Osi Umenyiora though, and if they don’t get sacks to end drives, they’re finished.

The Giants would need all of that and more to beat the Packers. They’ll give it a spirited shot like the teams before them, but like I said last week, picking against the Packers right now is just stupid.

Packers 38, Giants 20

Monty: After hearing all the blather about how this is the last, best chance for someone to beat the Green Bay Packers all week, it’s hard not to buy into that hype.

Yeah, the New York Giants have talent. Certainly their backs are against the wall. They’re on the outside looking in as far as the playoffs go after losing three games in a row. The Giants need to win Sunday’s game and they’re playing in the friendly confines of The Meadowlands.

All that being said, the Giants are not nearly as talented as the Packers. Can they beat the Packers?

Sure. Anyone can beat anyone on any given Sunday in the NFL.

Should they beat the Packers? Nope.

The Giants defense was terrible last week against the New Orleans Saints. Their supposedly vaunted pass rush was nonexistent and it isn’t going to get any better this week because Osi Umenyiora is out. On top of that, New York’s secondary is their weakness, which, as you know, plays to the Packers advantage.

The reason the Packers lose this game is because of turnovers. They haven’t lost that battle this season, though. Despite all the pundits saying this is the game the Packers lose, I don’t buy it.

The Giants are a beaten-down shell of the team that led the NFC East earlier this season. The Packers are on a roll.

Packers 35, Giants 17