Mike McCarthy

With everything but home-field advantage wrapped up, there was some question as to whether the Green Bay Packers would rest their players down the stretch.

It doesn’t sound like that’s going to happen.

“I think I can speak for coach in that he’s going to try to go for this thing,” defensive tackle B.J. Raji said.

“You have to respect the game of football. Obviously we’re in a great position. We’re 13-0. We have a lot of things wrapped up. But ultimately, you never accomplish anything great by being scared. We have an option to go either way, but if you want to make history and do some things that haven’t been done in a while, you have to take a chance.”

Mike McCarthy, meanwhile, seems to be following the same script he always does.

“The script doesn’t change for us,” McCarthy said. “… As long as we’re taking care of things and keeping our focus on improving the quality of play, I don’t think we can be beat. If you had asked me six years ago, I would have said the same damn thing. … We expect to win every time we take the field, and I would think that every team thinks the same thing.”

The Packers will wrap up home-field advantage if they beat the Kansas City Chiefs this week. Their final two games are at home against Chicago and Detroit.