Romeo Crennel

Since this is the first time it’s happened all season, we thought we’d give you some quotes from the players and coaches on the Green Bay Packers first loss.

“I personally always viewed the undefeated season as really just gravy. The goal is to get the home-field advantage and win the Super Bowl. That’s what we discussed as a football team. We were fortunate enough to be in a position to possibly achieve the undefeated season, but we still have the primary goal in front of us and that’s to get that home-field advantage.” — Mike McCarthy

“Still sucks. But nice to go a calendar year without losing.” — Aaron Rodgers

“You always want to make history. We didn’t get a chance to do that, it’s over. I’d like to say it’s a relief, but it’s not. It’s not a relief.” — Tramon Williams

“A little disappointed. That’s a special thing when you can do something like that and to have an opportunity to be that close to it. But it’s over. Now you have to refocus on winning the next game and moving on from this one.” — Charles Woodson

“I can’t speak for everyone else, (but) I haven’t lost in so long I feel like I’m in a different realm. We haven’t lost in about a year. Sixteen-and-oh, that’s — at the end of the day we still have everything we want in front of us. Obviously the 16-0, 19-0 won’t be a part of it.” — B.J. Raji

“Maybe this is something we can learn from and get back on pace. It’s disappointing to lose this late in the season like that. Obviously when you’re getting ready to make a playoff run, a big part of making it to the Super Bowl is how hot your team is when you hit the playoffs. We showed that last year. You never want to lose a game like that this late in the year.” — T.J. Lang

“The No. 1 goal is still in front of us. That’s all that really matters.” — Josh Sitton

“Maybe more than the loss itself, we didn’t match their intensity and they beat us. You want to be playing your best football at the end. That’s more disappointing than losing the chance to go 19-0. It’s how we lost – not playing our best football in December.” — Charlie Peprah