Aaron Rodgers

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana, in my estimation, is the best to ever play the game, so when he says something about another quarterback it tends to carry a little weight around these parts. Montana was asked about Green Bay Packers signal caller Aaron Rodgers on the Dan Patrick Show this morning and his response made me pause.

Patrick asked Montana if his best season was as good as the one Rodgers is currently having. His reply?

“The one he’s having right now is pretty phenomenal,” Montana said of Rodgers’ season. “I’m not sure I had one like that.”

Patrick then asked the Hall of Famer if he could remember any quarterback having a season like Rodgers’ 2011 campaign.

“I don’t think so,” Montana said. “From my understanding, the way the numbers are going, I don’t think anyone has.”

Those numbers? They read like this — 4,125 yards, 39 touchdowns, six interceptions, 123.3 rating. Couple that with a potential undefeated season and Montana probably has a point.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy compared Rodgers to Montana earlier this season — specifically, his decision making — but it’s one thing to get compared to a legend by your own coach. It’s something else entirely when said legend says you’re having a better season than the best one he’s ever had.