Jermichael Finley

Jermichael Finley is at it again.

Yesterday, the Green Bay Packers tight end said he woke up with a sore knee and then more or less said he didn’t want to play on Sunday. When asked if he thought it would be smart to keep him out of the game against Detroit, Finley offered this assessment.

“Would it be smart? Of course it would be smart; everybody thinks that,” Finley said. “But I ain’t the head coach or the GM, so I’m going to leave that up to them.”

The tight end then sat out practice and was listed on the team’s injury report, much to the surprise of coach Mike McCarthy. How he got on the injury report without McCarthy knowing is beyond us, but the coach wasn’t happy about it. The Journal Sentinel described his tone as miffed.

“I really don’t have a whole lot of information on Jermichael. It was last minute, I didn’t find out about it until right before practice, so I have no feeling for Jermichael Finley right now.”

Finley went on to tell them how his legs were beat up.

“I came in this morning and just felt that my legs were beat up,” Finley said. “I thought it was a day where I could get my legs back under me (by resting). Sunday is what counts. That was my thought.”

It sounds to us like the dude just wanted to be lazy and sit on the sidelines for a day, which is kind of what we want to do when we’re hungover. Usually, we work anyway, though.

It seems like curious behavior for a guy who’s looking for a new contract.

Meanwhile, Finley had plenty of time to pimp his new shirts and website via Twitter. They say YOTTO, have a picture of Finley with his arms raised and range from $24 to $54 in price. The pricier items are autographed.

If you’ve forgotten, and we know many of you have, YOTTO stands for year of the takeover. We can pretty confidently say this year, that was not.

Finley hasn’t had a bad season, but if he was taking over, you’d think he’d at least have made the Pro Bowl. The NFC’s tight ends are New Orleans’ Jimmy Graham and Atlanta’s Tony Gonzalez. Yeah, 65-year-old Tony Gonzalez, not Jermichael Finley.

Jermichael Finley with the sore knee.