Tori Gurley

Receiver Tori Gurley, an undrafted rookie from South Carolina who’s been on the Green Bay Packers practice squad all season, has turned down an offer from the Minnesota Vikings to join their active roster.

Although that’s a nice commentary on the state of affairs over in Minneapolis, it isn’t the only offer Gurley’s received. The receiver has reportedly turned down offers to join other teams as well.

“If you look statistically, their season is going to be over in three weeks,” Gurley said of the Vikings. “We’re already locked to have a playoff spot.”

“I’m learning from some of the best receivers in the game right now,” Gurley said. “The way our offense is clicking, the grass isn’t going to be greener on the other side. So just learning and taking it one day at a time, my opportunity is going to come.”

Gurley has the right attitude, but most players take the opportunity to join a new team (see Chastin West) when they’re claimed off the practice squad, so his decision is somewhat surprising. If another team claims a practice squad player, their current club either has to add them to the active roster, let them go to the team that claimed them or somehow convince the player to stay put. The latter is rarely successful, although the Packers have a little more leverage than most.

In addition to what should be a deep playoff run, Gurley — as he said — is learning from some of the best in the game and may have an opportunity to earn a roster spot sooner than later. Donald Driver‘s run in Green Bay could be over after this season.

It probably doesn’t hurt that the Packers gave Gurley a raise, as well.